It all started with one doormat

Welcome to With Love & Luxe!

As someone who loves handmaking gifts for any and all occasions, I decided to make a personalized doormat for one of my good friends for her wedding. I hadn't even thought about selling them until the feedback that I got from the gift was mind blowing!

The bride almost cried... her family wanted to know where she had got it from... and the next bride I gifted one too told me it was by far the best gift she had received!

And that's how With Love & Luxe got started.

In my "day" job I am a brand designer for for luxurious entrepreneurs who love to mix a little glitz and glam with their business. With Love & Luxe comes from my sign off from every email that I send out. My ideal customer loves mixing just a little bit of love and luxe into their daily lives.

At With Love & Luxe, the products I create strive to do just that. I want to make customers smile when they open my packages, and even tear up just a little on occasion.

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